We accept purchase orders from Fortune 1000 companies, federal, state, and local government agencies, defense (military, air force, and navy), universities, colleges, and schools.

We will not only meet but exceed your IT requirements.

Server Part is a company that offers a variety of technology products and services. We have years of experience procuring and providing the best IT hardware products and services. This makes us confident that we can be a leader in the IT E-commerce market.
Server Part was founded with the vision of becoming a fully-fledged IT Hardware & Software Reseller & System Integrator. We provide specialized services in computer systems upgrades and overhauling entire IT infrastructure. With our product analysts and tech-savvy professionals, we promise to make a significant impact in a short amount of time.

We aim to grow into the IT E-commerce market for our unmatched products. We offer a wide range of computer hardware products including hard drives, memory, CPUs and other accessories for all major brands of routers and servers.
We were able to accomplish hundreds of thousands in upgrades over the years as we worked offline. Our clients include organizations that deal in communications, education and legal.

Server Part’s success is only possible because of its customers. To benefit all our customers, we focus on creating processes that can be easily streamlined and followed.

Server Part’s mission

Server Part’s mission is to optimize its customer-centric approach in order to be agile in the IT Ecommerce industry. We offer futuristic and innovative IT Hardware & Software products. Our goal is to gain customer trust and satisfaction, create valuable partnerships with a worldwide clientele, and exceed our customers’ expectations through exceptional support and services. We actively engage with customers to get their feedbacks.

Server Part is staffed with technologists and analysts and focuses its attention on safety.

Server Part provides products and services to increase the value and satisfaction of global clients. Customers aren’t just buying products, but also building relationships with us. We ensure they buy with confidence and self-assurance. Our process and procedures are designed to reflect customer empathy and responsiveness. This allows us to listen to customers and helps them make better purchasing decisions. Customers can rely on our tech experts to provide the information they require. They will learn which applications are most critical and complex, and what requirements they have for large-scale, multi-system project.

Server Part offers competitive prices and secure and strategic procurement from top-quality suppliers and manufacturers. This is without compromising on product functionality or quality. We make sure that all products on Server-part.com are clearly labeled, categorized and thoroughly tested before they are shipped.

Our website showcases futuristic products that are ready for tomorrow. High-tech machines based on INTEL or AMD processors are made by well-known manufacturers like HP, Cisco and Micron, Kingston and WD, IBM/Lenovo and FUJITSU and TOSHIBA.

There are many hardware products that we offer throughout the years. These include all types of servers, printers and desktops as well as motherboards, routers, routers, video graphics cards, motherboards and routers. To help customers find the right upgrade and what they need, we also support older generation computers. It is common knowledge that equipment functionality can be improved by adding or upgrading memory. It is a common practice to upgrade a processor in a system with a faster, more efficient alternative that improves performance and prolongs its useful life. Older generation upgrades are available to improve your user experience and extend the life of existing hardware systems.

Our goal is to make it easier for customers to find the right products and then select them. The “The Ultimate Configurator”, a search feature that allows you to search by system type (e.g. Notebook Memory), or manufacturer (e.g. HP, IBM, Dell), then it directs you to the correct product line or model number. This feature allows you to quickly search for the right combination. We are able to successfully and efficiently initiate nearly 98% of memory orders within a single day thanks to our “The Ultimate Configurator” and our efficient supply chain management system.

Our Clientele

The clientele of Server Part is varied. Our clientele includes offices at the State, City and Federal levels, as well as US Embassies Worldwide, US Postal Services, and the Department of Defence.We also have a list of Educational Institutions, Universities and Hospitals. We partner with many Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Google and Intel.

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