We accept purchase orders from Fortune 1000 companies, federal, state, and local government agencies, defense (military, air force, and navy), universities, colleges, and schools.

We understand that sharing personal information can be difficult for many people and that customers may be concerned about its use and sharing. We have created a privacy policy that applies to both Server Part as well as our customers. It will outline privacy protection policies for customers. Server Part is responsible for our website. If you have visited our website (https://server-part.com/), we will consider you have agreed to acceptance to this Privacy Policy.

*Automatically Collected information: 

At any time you communicate with us we receive and compile the provided information for our records. Like many other websites, we use “cookies”. Server-part.com collects information when your Internet browser visits it. This is to allow for order details and placement. (Please refer to the Information Collecting Process at the end. Although many platforms allow you to visit the site anonymously, we cannot offer personalized service due to the fact that you have not been identified.

*E-mail Correspondence

To make E-mail processing more efficient, we will send you a confirmation mail that you have read the email. To avoid spam messages, we will also compare our customer list with other companies. However, this is only possible if your computer supports such an option.

*Information about Other Resources:

Customers’ information is used only to process orders and to provide the best service possible to them. Customers may also be asked for information to help them with other issues. We may include this information in our customer database to address any customer service queries. You can refer to the Information Collecting Process sample at the end of the policy for more information.


Cookies are a type of distinguishing symbol that consists of numbers and letters. They can be used to read your computer’s hard drive through your internet browser. To provide a better user experience, our website has been customized. Our webpages can be modified based on information we receive through cookies. These cookies may include information about your browser type to allow you to display the item’s details and quantity. You have the option to disable or deselect cookies from your browser. Enabling cookies can allow you to make the most of Server-part.com’s special services, so we recommend that you set up an open status.

*Information From Other Sources

Below are details about the information that we obtain from other sources, including the dispatching information and address information from customers or third parties. This helps us correct our records, makes it easier for us to reach you and deliver your next order on time.

  • Information about your account
  • Information for return or purchase
  • Keyword searches and results provided by affiliate enterprises’ service, page browsing data received from cooperative enterprises
  • Results and links from searches, including a not-for-free list.
  • Server-part.com provides you with the most recent order information and identifiable personal information. This includes name, email address, password, inquiry details, etc. Payment settings (including credit card details), etc.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone.

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